Beginner Horse Lessons

Watch the transformation begin as you or your loved one learn to communicate with a horse. We provide a positive environment of enthusiasm to teach all levels and abilities.

Therapeutic and Adaptive Lessons

Let us help you see how the miracle of communicating effectively with a horse will change your or your loved one's life.

Video of the crew in action 

Our staff and horses are the stars of our business. They do the hard work of making riders feel comfortable and safe as they learn.

Step by Step of a Beginner Horse Lesson

J.R. goes step by step of a 1st lessons of riding horses

    • Choosing an Instructor
    • Choosing a horse
    • Brushing
    • Picking out feet
    • Saddling
    • Bridling
    • Mounting
    • How to hold the reins
    • Body Position
    • How to Go and how to Stop
    • How to turn   



How do I start?

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