Beginner Horse Lessons

Watch the transformation begin as you or your loved one learn to communicate with a horse. We provide a positive environment of enthusiasm to teach all levels and abilities. Each student will work toward their specific goals, while working and riding with the horse best suited to their needs. With only 2-3 students at a time, learning is hands-on and individual to each student's pace.

Therapeutic and Adaptive Horse Riding Lessons

A miracle is defined as an extraordinary event that is not explicable by scientific law but that is considered to be the work of a divine agency. We have witnessed firsthand the miracles that horses perform with humans. Teenagers struggling with identity find their confidence, young people that have special needs move faster towards their mental and physical goals and people that haven't smiled all day do smile and giggle while interacting with the horses. Let us help you see how the miracle of communicating effectively with a horse will change your or your loved one's life.

How do I start?

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