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Who We Are

J.R., Instructor and Owner, was a high school teacher and an FFA advisor. He taught the horse judging competition for the FFA. He spends 300 days a year in the saddle. He loves teaching people and loves spreading his passion for horses.

Chrissy, Instructor and Owner, is a mother of 7 children. J.R.'s passion and knowledge of horses has rubbed off on Chrissy over the course of their marriage. She has a great passion and skill for teaching and she loves seeing her students gain confidence as they grow and develop.

Together they began teaching their own kids plus several neighbors how to ride a horse. They enjoyed this so much that the dream was born to start their own horse lessons business so that they could not only spread their passion of horses with others but make it something they could build their future on.

JR teaching his son to ride
JR teaching his son to ride
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Our Approach

With our horse lessons, it's not only about horsemanship skills that students learn, but the more important life skills they will practice each week. The life skills taught by our instructors and horses are confidence, communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal), as well as leadership abilities.

For example, one of the challenges that we have the students complete is to get their horse to jump over a pole that is only about 9 inches above the ground. Each of the horses can complete this task and complete it with ease, even at a run. However, when students first begin, the horse walks over the pole and knocks it over. The student learns that it is by their own confidence, communication skills and leadership abilities that will allow the horse to jump over the pole.

It is said that the way a horse behaves is the window to the rider's soul. If the student lacks confidence, communication skills and leadership abilities, so will the horse. The opposite is also true. We believe in that. We want to build each student’s confidence, communication skills and leadership abilities as they work with their horse. With our expert instruction, watch how you or your loved one will develop these important life skills while learning great horsemanship skills. It is amazing to see the rate at which a student improves in these life skills through his/her interactions with a horse.

Our methods of teaching have been influenced by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Sally Swift, Bruce Sandifer and Will Scott.

Meet the Team

November 2014 108

J.R. and Chrissy

Horse Instructors

Married 16 years and 7 kids later, it's still their dream to be together always.

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Quarter Horse

I love to walk slow and easy but when you want to lope or run I'm faster than Big Jake every time : )

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo 

Quarter Horse

I'm a trained reining cow horse. I'm the tallest of the horses but don't be scared I'll take you on a good ride : )

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Big Jake

Missouri Foxtrotter

I'm a great neck reiner and gaited horse. Human critters love my smooth ride.

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Quarter Horse

I'm trained in the Californio style of riding, I move to finger touch movements. I'm excited to be on the team!