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Traveling Horse Trainer / People Trainer

Serving the Salt Lake and Utah Counties, let’s talk if you’re in counties near those.

  • Got a horse that’s spooky or low on confidence? 
  • Have a horse that you’re stuck on something with?
  • Need help getting your horse to load jn a trailer, 
  • Need help picking up a nice, confident lope on your horse? 
  • Want a kid to be able to ride your horse?
  • Looking to get your horse dependable with trails, many different riders and dogs?
  • Looking to have your horse tuned up for spring time or for the hunt?
  • Interested in the California style of making a hackamore, two-rein or bridle horse?
  • Interested in natural horsemanship?

I can help with all this and more. 

  • 28 years horse experience / 10 years full-time professional horse trainer and people trainer
  • JR makes his living horseback and spends 300 days a year in the saddle
  • Check out my YouTube channel J.R. Feland Horsemanship
  • Southjordanhorselessons.com
  • References available 

$250 for a one time visit, training, Min 1 hour

$800 / month - 4 individual one hour sessions (I hr min), once a week. Commitment needed from owner of days worked on horse in between sessions

$1,500 / month if I bring a horse to our training sessions, horse used to show proper techniques and have you ride/work a horse that knows the tasks. (Recommended)

We can take your horse at our facility -

$2,500 / month for board, feed, 30 days training for the horse, worked 2-3 times a day, 2 lessons a week with you and your horse (min 1 hour) 

Spots now available for horse training