I love these guys! And Camden loves his horse lessons! The best teacher around. Horses are gentle and really good with him. He looks forward to his lessons every week. If you have a son or daughter that loves horses, you should check this out. J.R. Feland, you're the best!


I approached South Jordan Horse Lessons because my autistic daughter was unhappy with her life.  She is 25 and living at home depressed and gloomy. She wanted to work with horses in some way and I wanted someone competent to teach her to ride yet gentle enough not to overwhelm or intimidate her. As she can very easily get turned off by someone too authoritarian or demanding.
After we began lessons I immediately noticed a change in her disposition. She came home ecstatic and energized! She could not wait for the next lesson. Her attitude changed from melancholy to joyous! I am so delighted with how kind and personable the teachers are with her.  She has even made a new friend.   The owners both teach each student, which I love because  they are giving the students twice the training and wisdom. The passion they share about horses and educating each child with kindness is unique. I appreciate the extra outings they offer on the weekends if the student wants an additional ride on a fun trail....assisted of course. I found the  whole experience extremely enjoyable. The teachers are very easy going and likable.
I highly recommend this place for riding lessons! Especially if you are looking for nurturing, upbeat training for your child..


- Mother of an Autistic child and

Para educator in the Salt Lake valley

She had so much fun, on the way home she cried "tears of joy," she said, "You guys are amazing!" Thank You


We are coming up on our one-year anniversary of horse riding lessons with the Felands. The change I have seen in my 25-year-old son who has autism and a seizure disorder is hard to put into words without bringing me to tears. The Felands and the horses have been such a blessing in our lives. My son was suffering from depression and major anger issues before he started lessons. Frustrated that he wasn’t like his other siblings and that everyone was passing him by. This past year riding has given him confidence, knowledge, and enjoyment that has helped him with his depression and anger as well as his life outside of riding. He loves to share and talk about his horse riding to family and friends. He can talk to others who love horses and feels like he has something he can call his own. The horse shows have also given him a chance to show family what he has learned, and they are amazed at how he can handle the horses. The horses truly have a calming effect on my son and he loves and looks forward to his lessons each week. My son has developed a strong bond with JR and the horses. Both Chrissy and JR make every lesson and ride a positive upbeat experience focusing on the growth and what went well each lesson. The Felands take a personal interest in their students, adapting to special needs or concerns that the students may have. I am so grateful for the love, patience, and care they have shown my son. I am grateful for the wonderful healing power of the horses and the change it has made in my son’s life. We are looking forward to many more anniversaries with the Felands.

- Holly

"My son and daughter, 9 and 6, have been taking riding lessons from the Feland's since they began teaching and they love it.

They always look forward to their lessons each week and have learned so much! The personalized programs at the end of each session are especially cute. My 6 year old daughter loves to display and show her blue ribbon to anyone willing to indulge her.

We would highly recommend the Feland's to anyone who is looking for reasonably priced and experienced riding instructors, who are great with kids!"

- Jen

If there is a professional cowboy, calendar you'd be the center-fold. A dude that teaches a rider while filling the air with cowboy poetry, in my mind, is the epitome of a Professional Cowboy. Ride-On!


You guys are the BEST! The lessons have been the absolute best thing for Jackson and he is so excited for the next session!


No better or more knowledgeable teacher. Great job J.R., those students who take from you will learn so much. You guys are the best.


Horse riding lessons have been really fun. J.R. is always very patient and a good teacher. I feel like I have learned a lot. I always felt very comfortable and confident with the horses. I highly recommend taking horse lessons from the Felands.

- Winter

I have been so impressed with what my kids have learned at horse lessons.  They have participated in 2 horse shows now and the improvement in their skills from the first show to the second was huge. They love to go to lessons and I like that they get to learn what interests them.

- Cherideth

This was honestly the best explained lesson I've had ever. So happy I found you guys. So much fun. J.R. is a great teacher.


I have had a lot of fun taking horse lessons. It has been very personalized and you could do things that you want to do. These lessons helped me prepare for a horse camp, which I did very well at. I am a much better horse rider now.


"My son has been taking riding lessons from the Feland's to improve his core strength, balance, and social skills, he suffers from epilepsy. His physical and speech therapists all can see the remarkable difference it's made for him. Both JR and Chrissy are so patient with his abilities and very accommodating to his special needs. The horses were also very good with my son, I never had to worry about his safety. I would highly recommend the services they provide, such an amazing couple to work with!"

- Jamie