What are the ages of your students?

Our current minimum age requirement is 8 years old.

When are the horse shows held? What does a horse show entail? Do the horse shows cost anything to participate in?

Two times a year, late spring and late fall, we hold horse shows for our students to showcase their skills to their family and friends. Each student chooses what routine to perform and selects a song to play during his/her performance. Horse shows are included in the price of regular fees and count as a lesson for the month.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are required for all students under 18. Bike helmets will work so you don't need to buy an equestrian specific helmet if you already own a bike helmet. Students 18 and older will have to sign a waiver if they wish to ride without a helmet. We also have helmets of all sizes you can borrow at no additional charge.

What should I wear to lessons?

One of the perks of our program is that all you need to participate is a helmet, closed toe shoes of any kind and long pants. This is so much better than dance lessons, football or other riding schools, where costumes, uniforms and specific riding equipment are such a large part of the cost.